Pool Tile CLeaning/Acid Wash/Calcium Removal

We do pool tile cleaning/acid wash/calcium removal the right way! We are always looking out for your wallet as well as your pool equipment. Our unique service has been designed to give you the biggest bang for your buck! 


As you may know, calcium can be a huge nuisance here in Las Vegas. Here at Aquaman Pool Care we have developed an acid wash service that works for all budgets, and gets the most amount of calcium out of your pool as well as your fresh water! This helps extend water life and enhances the appearance of your pool!


Our acid wash includes: 

  • Thorough and safe acid washing of pool walls and floor surfaces 

  • Draining out as much calcium as possible (to extend time between washes and pool draining)

  • Calcium removal from tiles 

  • Includes pool filling, water set-up, and conditioning

  • Call to learn more!


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