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Eco/Pet Friendly 

Eco-Plus Service

At Aquaman Pool Care in Las Vegas we try to be as eco-friendly as possible. We recycle and repair instead of replacing equipment whenever possible. We proudly offer a (low-chemical/lower carbon footprint) Eco-Plus Weekly Pool-Service. Call us if you have any questions! 


We are also pet owners! We know that your dog is part of the family, thats why we take extra care to never let your friend leave your yard during service! 



Q: Is it okay for my dog to drink or swim from my pool?

A: Yes, but we highly recommend eco-plus service

Q: How do I train my dog to be safe around my pool?

A: You must show (place pup on steps) your dog where your pool steps are (multiple times)  incase they fall in they will then know how to get out. 

Q: Does Aquaman Pool Care Recycle?

A: Yes we always recycle and refill our chemical bottles. Also, our Eco-Plus service is much more environmentally friendly option, and saves you even more on water and power.

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