Weekly Pool Cleaning

Across Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Henderson, Aquaman Pool care provides dependable weekly service including the following tasks:

  • Skimming

We provide Skimming/netting of the top of your pool to clear away floating debris to make sure you always have sparkling, clear water to jump into! Skimming or netting the top of your pool is a must! Keeping it looking sparkling clean and inviting for use!

  • Vacuuming

Aquaman Pool Care delivers the Las Vegas valley with high quality pool vacuuming services. 

We vacuum of all pool (without an existing floor vacuum) to keep it spotless and debris at bay, so you can enjoy your pool!

  • Brushing

Weekly, we will be brushing your you tiles and side walls to keep debris, algae, and calcium from making an unannounced visit!

  • Water / PH Balance & Water Sanitization 

Here in Las Vegas, we experience drastic weather changes. It is extremely important to have experienced pool service personnel to get you and your pool through this type of weather while still keeping while still keeping your pool water as fresh as can be. Don't worry, we have you covered! 

  • Maintaining Pool Equipment

This is a big one!!! Without experienced serviced professionals looking after your equipment you may find yourself spending more money on fixing problems that could have easily been spotted and maintained during routine service. The same goes for seasonal service adjustments (which we will keep you well informed about). We are knowledgable about all seasonal and non-seasonal pool equipment! We offer our clients techniques that can save and extend the life of  your valuable pool equipment, and keeps costs down!

  • Cleaning Filters (When Needed)

Pool filtration is a vital part of your pool's health an clarity. At Aquaman Pool Care we provide multiple filter cleanings per year. These are included in our weekly service costs to ensure the longevity an performance of your pool filters.